Play + Record is a network of creative, inspiring, and hard-working individuals who love music. What started out as a couple of home-recorded songs a few years ago has evolved into an award-winning custom music/sync house and media-based music library.

Our composers and writers have been featured in Rolling Stone, Filter, and Under The Radar magazines. They’ve played arenas, clubs, dive bars and festivals in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Canada. They’ve shared stages with everyone from todays most influential indie bands to Janes Additction,  Jimmy Eat World, The Who, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  We live to write, record, and play music.    

We work directly with everyone from some of the world’s leading brands, advertising agencies, production companies, music supervisors and creative directors to non-profit organizations, independent film-makers, and small companies to make award-winning sound for picture.  We specialize in custom music, but we also license some of todays best independent artists, and offer a library full of carefully curated, hand-crafted music from real artists.


We love creating original music. Custom Music is our specialty and main focus. From full-length feature films to unique commercial spots, we’re able to create anything that you can imagine. Call us today and start beat -boxing or humming your wildest ideas into the phone, and we'll create the perfect soundtrack for your visual story. 


Our library is not your standard music library. We’ve carefully selected relevant music from some of our favorite independent artists and their various side-projects, solo projects and random ventures into sound creation.  Our library covers today's relevant genres and contains great music from multiple artists from around the world. Most of our Library tracks are composed by the same artists in our catalogue.  So, rather than call them library tracks, we prefer to call them artist b-sides.


Jeff Cormack - Founder/Executive Producer/Lead Composer

Jeff Cormack is a multi-instrumental music producer, who specializes in original music production, composition, sound design, and creating original scores, for advertising, television, film, interactive media, broadcast, and various recording artists. Jeff has collaborated with several of the world's leading advertising agencies, film production companies, individual brands, and numerous recording artists to create a wide variety of award-winning and critically acclaimed music. Jeff is also a solo artist and the principal member, writer and producer for the indie-pop band "South of France".  Jeff is hopelessly devoted to the eternal pursuit of creating the perfect guitar-pop song.  

Jeff's music can be heard worldwide and has been featured in Filter Magazine, Under The Radar Magazine, MTV, internationally theatrically released films, festival selected short films, and FM radio. Jeff has personally created custom music and sound for 3 Addy-winning broadcast campaigns, he played a key role in composing 6 pieces of original music for the film "One For The Road" that won the prestigious "Best Soundtrack" award at the 2011 iF3 International Film Festival. In 2017 his song "Run" lasted 14 days on Spotify's "top 50 viral tracks" chart, and he recently had the honor of speaking at a TED talk. 

Griffith Snyder - Director of Business Development/Brand Strategist

With over 12 years of experience in the Music industry as a writer, producer, engineer, band and brand manager, Griff brings an incredible amount of knowledge and energy to the company, our projects, and our clients. Griff is a master of brand strategy, creative audio branding, creative direction, and always makes sure we exceed our clients expectations by challenging everyone involved throughout each process to take a few risks. His passion for creation and connecting with people and brands make him a great asset to every project. 

Connor Birch - Composer/Producer/Engineer

Connor Birch is the youngest member of our team. He's a master multi-instrumentalist fresh from the Acclaimed Recording Arts program at CU-Denver and fully engaged in the world of professional music. Connor has played in and recorded numerous bands including South of France and Flaural. With each project he has played a major role in the writing, recording, mixing, and performing process. 

As a composer, Connor has worked on numerous projects for some of of the world's leading brands. The longest project of which was a six episode micro-documentary series for American Express. Connor's abilities range from writing string arrangements and compositions, to shredding organ solos, and ripping the perfect analog synth sound.